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Fleet Management Software

Using the software, enable, accomplish & manage specific tasks, fleet-related. From Gathering to Reporting and export information, improve productivity, managing from anywhere.
Collaborate with SPOTRACK & make better decisions with the customization availability with better support.
• Trip analysis with service reminders
• Fuel management for better planning
• Improved employee performance with increased productivity
• Manages suppliers & orders for revenue improvement
• Services at a click

Personal GPS Tracker

Information storehouse, working as such, the GPS tracker, keeps informed about people’s movement. Use it on a computer or a smartphone; services will stay, just the same.

“SPOT people to have better TRACK”

• Timely location update with stoppage information
• Smart device to alert about power
• Auto answering the communication
• Better battery back-up for a long-time route playback

Asset tracker

Keep an eye on every movement of the asset. From location to in transit, get a real-time update to continue working hassle-free.
• Real-time location and updates
• Easily accessible on any device
• Easy internet connectivity
• Hassle-free services

Fuel Sensors

With an accuracy of 99.8%, the fuel sensor comes with capacitive fuel sensor technology. The interference compatibility exists with RS232 and the protection class IP65. Have a better track over re-fueling and abrupt damage, using this one product available in customizable standard sizes of 500, 700, 1000, 1200, 1500.
• Easy track over track re-fueling & abrupt damages
• Capacitive fuel sensor technology
• High-grade Aluminium tube and rigid plastic body
• Better measurement accuracy
• Standard output in between 0-5 volt
• Customizable sizes
• Measurement accuracy

Fleet & Logistics

“Delivering experience with excellence over Fleet & Logistic”

Now get a clear idea over not just working hours but the efficiency of the vehicles, right on Smartphone or Desktop. Keep control and have access over customized reports of vehicle performance, as regards Distance, fuel efficiency, time and speed, and other vehicle-related information with GPS vehicle tracking system.
For efficiency & profitability, the tracking system helps

• Deliver shipments with budgeted cost and on time
• Keep management & updated records over the delivery process
• Improve efficiency, control, and vehicles working time 

Refrigerated Trucks

“Build business value with proper refrigeration & nourishing the value of food”

Understanding the need and specifics, GPS vehicle tracking has been designed to deliver to companies, customized reports. Say no to high transportation cost and still losing the important nutritional value, as for the GPS vehicle management system provided by us, provides quiet a piece of information about vehicles.
• Reporting vehicle temperature and when it isn’t specifically maintained 
• Managing a business within clicks
• Delivering distant places, food with intact nutritional value

Container Delivery

“World of tracking remain within fingertips” With the trust you lay upon the consignment to be delivered, pilferage & spoilage free, the GPS vehicle tracking system, helps ensure the delivery on time.

School Transportation

“Let the kids stay protected with SPOTRACK”
Featured to keep an eye, the GPS tracking device offered at SPOTRACK is for the schools and educational institutions. Live location, RFID attendance system, camera & speed monitoring, and alike that are required to maintain the safety for in and out of school, bus services, the tracking systems are customized with updated GPS technology to provide the drivers a sense of responsibility and to be in control and avoid harsh braking/acceleration
Understanding the concern of parents, the GPS tracking system ensures maximized care and protection with 

• Drivers improved driving patterns
• Vehicle security
• Reports- Real-time location, accessible by parents & authorities
• Reporting Drivers behavior, fuel usage and much more

Construction vehicles

“Get efficient with construction vehicles”
With an idea over machines working hours & efficiency, company authorities can have updates right on smartphones or desktops. Efficiency brings in profits and with customized solutions for easing business, say no to bearing high idle vehicles cost and enhance its efficiency with a software specifically designed for

• Getting reports and data
• Reducing overhead
• Maximizing profits & minimizing cost 

Employee solutions

Check on with your Driver’s behavior, safety & route optimization, easy. Keep an eye from your own comfort zone.

Biometric Solutions

Trackback your kids, assets & employees. Get safety & productivity results to make decisions ahead without having a stress-filled life.

Load Monitoring

Issues with vehicle payload can be easily monitored by the solutions offered at SPOTRACK.