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Will products be the same as one showcased?
Professional photographers shot our products in availability. With the different lighting, the slight color difference is a chance, but the products, as described, will be provided
Is there any specific delivery time? Will it change?
The production gets arranged, with payment received, but for the ones already in stock, a standard delivery time of 7-10 days, is taken for the delivery of goods. For any unforeseen circumstances, we would keep updating you about the specific order. Trust us for the best of what we deliver, and we will ensure to be on time.
What payment options are accepted?
Cash, online methods (UPI, Credit/Debit card), etc. are the payment methods accepted to ensure our clients do not face issues.
How are there products advantageous?
The products are designed for high performance. With the presence of such high-quality equipment, one on one manager for clearing your doubts, and better customer service, we will ensure to make you know how your area of work can be helped through it. If you have a need or customization, do not worry, we will take care of it.
Is OEM customization accepted here?
Check in the details with our manager/team and get detailed information.
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