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SPOTRACK, a name for best and a place for excellent customized solutions

SPOTRACK, a highly innovative company, growing in IoT firm. We specialize in Automated systems for the remote tracking and remote monitoring with the available sensors for pressure, liquid & fuel level, ultrasonic level meters, radar level meters check with wireless measuring. Our team is committed to providing excellent solution services that can meet the needs of diverse users.

With the continued enhancement of inspection system regards our product quality, our solutions for GPS based tracking, vehicle security applications personal tracking, merchandise tracking, school bus tracking are all within the control of online application software that provides timely information and better guidance

At SPOTRACK, our customers are valued to be first and sticking to the promise of providing excellence in services; we co-operate with our customers to make the “Future better together.”


With a save over cost & time, we aim to increase customer satisfaction with the control in hand and reach within their eyesight.


Every member at SPOTRACK works with the vision of nothing but, client’s growth and excellence.


SPOT the concern creatively and TRACK it with co-operation and responsibility


Our Team


Ankit Sogani

“Desire to Direct and Dedication to Discipline,” success is a combination of 4D’s as per Ankit Sogani, an important part of the SPOTRACK team, who has been connected with IoT platform, since a very long time. He found the platform to be exciting to work on, learning bit by bit, details. All he wished for was to create a mark in the industry, and he did find his way out, after all, willingness brings in ways, to fulfill the dreams.
Ankit is an MBA with his specialization in marketing. Since the start of his career, he was passionate about his goals, which further led him to IoT based company. With two years, he was able to learn in with the products and its details, in and out. He always wanted to learn new and leaving his job, with proper support of family, he moved forward to run, Soubhagya Enterprises, an important part of his career.
Ankit is a person of knowledge, and with all his research and understanding over technology, he was quite interested in improvising businesses using real-time data, bringing in quality. Well, he found a way, and SPOTRACK got another experienced person who today has been connected with it from the past seven years, watching the journey from 2-20,000 devices. Every device installed is a success for him, and he has combined his mission to that of SPOTRACK, of becoming the single known leader in the construction segment.
“Counting success and happiness in small, he has what we call, the power to make efforts big.”

Ravi Yadav

“Habits, a thing where we can start a change as we don’t know the future but our present choices do bring us closer to a better tomorrow.”
For Ravi, this line brings in an acceptance, that makes him give better than the best.
Mr. Ravi Yadav, after his B. Tech, started his career with idea cellular limited. He was part of the telecom industry for ten years, where his successfully spent years with Idea, Airtel and Vodafone, gave him a lot of experience in the field of networking, maintenance of BSC & BTS, voice and data quality, new implementations and cost savings.
Working within the telecom industry, he is well aware of how important customer service is. He always upgraded himself to the new technologies to provide people the best. Starting his journey with SPOTRACK, his aim was the same, and his belief of continuous hard work and effort, makes him challenge growth on a personal and professional level to ensure providing people what they need.
For Ravi, “Dreams are fulfilled, when the thoughts are processed to step up and move forward providing efforts without expectations.”

Surendra Singh Kelwa

“Experience is what counts and the passion makes it complete,” says Surendra, who spent six years within the Media Industry & Agencies, gaining knowledge over, Print, Digital, Events and OOH. Surendra, by profession, is an MBA, who started his career with GSK company, in the vaccines division and took a step forward for any opportunity he had.
Working within the media as a domain, he has given some successful years and understanding the importance and demand of technology today, he knew, where to step in next. His passion for starting and learning made him upgrade with the new technologies entering the market and this is where he realized what he wished to choose?
An IoT platform- SPOTRACK, which started with a collaboration of like-minded people, and has been performing well, providing people with the solutions they need. Surendra had the vision to be the creator and the vision seems to move ahead in the right direction, as for, “Ideas until processed, can’t give results and if processed well, result positive.”

Amit Gupta

Dreamed to provide the challenges, solutions a kind, SPOTRACK was every bit of what was dreamt, feel Alive. For Amit joining this company was a means to apply his learning and to serve his nation. Along with his other colleagues since 2017, he made sure to provide best into the work.
Amit is an MBA by profession, who started his career with Automotive tyre & tubes and further moved to logistic industries widening his expertise and knowledge. For him, “Life is where, whatever we learn is to be applied” and this continued balance made him keep going through all the product and service industries, leading him finally to the deep ocean of the IoT technology field. Seventeen years of experience and his dreams are now finally connected with SPOTRACK, making it move towards a successful path.
“Shoes you wear will not take you to the destination, it is your steps and he never look forward to stop, as the world has a lot to offer and we don’t know what awaits next.”

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